Return Policy

At Vapor Fog, we care about our customers and that each of them leaves us happy, and smoke-free. In order to do that, we have certain standards that we have to uphold when it comes to the return or exchange of the product.


Please take a moment to read over our return policy as it is imperative that we uphold these standards.





Our general warranty goes into effect the moment an item is processed through our point of sale system and payment is remitted.


All items that are to be returned or exchanged must be blemish and damage-free. This means that the item needs to be free of scratches, dings, missing parts or pieces, and must include all original documentation and a receipt.


Customers are responsible for return shipping costs to us. Vapor Fog will handle the shipping costs associated with replacing defective devices.


What is NOT covered:

  • Consumable items (e-liquid, tanks, coils, batteries, accessories, and parts)
  • Damaged devices (improper usage, water damage, drops, abuse, wear, and tear)
  • Cosmetic issues
  • Tank leaks, dry hits, or shorted coils
  • Units functioning up to spec (ex: you changed your mind or buyer's remorse)
  • Modified products
  • Software issues
  • Using improper or damaged battery in device
  • Clearance items
  • Final Sale items


What IS covered:

  • DOA devices (not turning on or functioning)
  • Screen malfunctions
  • Chip issues (auto-firing, not recognizing any atomizers, “low battery” on a fully charged battery)
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Internal battery defects (if applicable)

If your device is defective, we will do everything in our power to make it right. If it was a dud from the start, we'll take care of it.


If your device has any damage, signs of wear and tear, or signs of improper use, we cannot offer an exchange. This is because our vendors and distributors will not accept returns of this type of product.


To avoid potential problems with a device, try to test it before leaving the premises or soon after.




To determine whether or not we can cover the device under our general warranty, we have a checklist that we must adhere to. There are two main reasons why we do this:


Most claims made on devices actually aren't defective. Typically it's a simple issue that one of our shop staff can show you how to work through.

To actually be able to claim a return through our distributors, we have to meet very strict guideline that they uphold.


General questions we may ask:

Was the device working when you first tried it?

When did you begin to have issues?

Can we recreate the problem in the store?


Visual Inspection:


We will check for the following:


What is the general condition of the exterior? (damage, scuffed, scratched, or bent)

  • Is the battery door in good condition?
  • Are the battery terminals damaged or shifted?
  • Are the 510 connection, seal, and threading intact?
  • Are there signs of liquid damage?
  • Are there signs of improper battery use? (burns, melting, etc.)




  • Does the issue continue with different tanks?
  • Does the issue continue with different batteries?
  • Is the device in the current mode for the paired atomizer?
  • Can the issue be resolved with a firmware update/downgrade?

If you are visiting one of our stores, bear in mind that the process to verify warranty claim could take a while so, plan your visit accordingly.


If you are trying to process a return online, this process may take up to 7 business days.




If your item is covered under our warranty, you are eligible to exchange it for the same item (if the item is in stock), an SKU of equal value, or store credit.




Sealed items:


Items that are still in their original packaging are eligible for return or exchange within 14 calendar days of purchase. In order to return merchandise, the original receipt must be present. Items returned will have a 10% restocking fee.




Because the nature of the vape industry is primarily consumable, there are a number of products that we cannot offer returns on. Those products are as follows:


  • E-liquids
  • Tanks
  • Coils
  • Drip tips
  • Rebuildable products (wire, pre-built coils, cotton)
  • Batteries
  • Pods
  • Accessories (glass, o-rings, tank extensions)




All products sold at Vapor Fog and on are intended for adults. A signature and proof of age (18, 19, or 21, dependent on your location) will be required before your order can be placed. Identification will need to be provided in-store before products or services are even discussed.


If you cannot provide identification information at the time of placing your order on, your order will not be completed.




Your account will be verified after your payment method and identification have been matched up.



Online Orders:


Email us at [email protected]. Be as detailed as possible when describing your issue. Our staff will get back to you within 48 hours of your request with further instructions. DO NOT send any packages prior to receiving a return confirmation. They will be shipped back at your own cost.


In-Store Purchases:


Bring the device to the store with its original packaging and contents (documentation, warranty cards, charge or update cables, etc.) If your item is eligible for a return, you will be able to exchange for the identical product (if in stock), a product of equal value, or a refund in-store credit. Because of the nature of vapor products, no cash refunds will be given.


Return shipping costs:


Once your return is approved, you may ship the product back to us. You must provide shipping costs. Upon receipt of your item, you will be updated as to whether or not we can accept the return based on our inspection and troubleshooting process.



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